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10 Things You Don't Know About Dinosaurs[2016-11-22]    click:0

1.Some dinosaurs can live for 300 years. Palaeontologists estimate, the life of the big dinosaur life is between 75 to 300.However, this estimate is based on the dinosaurs are cold-blooded,if they are warm-blooded, then life will become shorter,but in general, at least can live 75 years.

2.Dinosaur is longer than blue whale.Lived in 97 million years ago to 94 million years ago Argentina dinosaur weight is up to 70 tons,long is 40m , high is 7.3m, while blue whale weigh up to 200 tons, but the longest only about 30m.

3.Human first recorded dinosaur bones fossil,it was found in a quarry of Oxford ,UK in 1677 .Discoverer is university of Oxford professor Robert plott . At that time, he thought this might be a limb bones of dinosaurs.

4.Usain bolt run faster than tyrannosaurus rex. Computer simulation to calculate the tyrannosaurus rex running at the speed of 29 km per hour,although this rate can't match for cars, but enough to catch up with the most humans,However, famous sprinter usain bolt running speed can reach 44 kilometers per hour.However, emu dragon's running speed can reach 60 kilometers per hour.

5.Dinosaurs experienced twice catastrophe,most people know, 66 million years ago, an asteroid hit the earth,75% of species extinction.However, this is not the first time dinosaurs died,in 200 million years ago, happened Triassic - Jurassic extinction,a lot of land animals cannot survive,but given the big dinosaur living space.

6.In recent years, research has shown that many of the dinosaurs were covered with feathers,but they almost can't fly,scientists said that two legs theropod dinosaurs with feathers.In addition, the distant beak dinosaur fossils found in Siberia in 2014 also shows that the beak dinosaurs with feathers.

7.Tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus are not in the same age,Tyrannosaurus rex is closer to humans, farther from the stegosaurus,although in the movie, tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus appeared in the same scene.But in fact, these two kinds of dinosaurs never live together.Stegosaurus lived in the Jurassic period, about 80 million years ago extinction ,while tyrannosaurus rex in the cretaceous period, 85 million years ago.

8.Dinosaurs fleas ten times bigger than modern,research shows that in the cretaceous and Jurassic period, the flea have long claws can seize  dinosaur,the greatest female fleas is 20.6 mm long, male fleas is 14.7 mm long.

9. The largest dinosaur eggs is 60 cm long.In the 1990 s, people found the largest dinosaur egg fossils in Mongolia's,  up to 60 cm.

10."Dinosaur" is still alive today.The study shows that dinosaurs and birds have a close relationship,some scientists believe that some dinosaurs evolved into birds,as the ancestors of modern birds,and scientists believe that the ancestors of modern crocodiles ever lived in the same age with dinosaur, and both may also have relationship.