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The Real Reason of Dinosaurs Extinction[2016-11-22]    click:0

Most people only know a few dinosaur species, such as brontosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, but scientists has named about 700 dinosaurs species .In addition, some studies have shown that we don't have enough evidence to support the uniqueness of half named dinosaur species.While ,Archaeologists think, there are still at least 700-900 kinds of dinosaurs waiting for us to discover.


People think Tanystropheus live in 160 million years ago in Asia.In chongqing in 2006, construction workers found its skull and spine fossils.Its neck is very long, more than half of the length of the body (49 feet).

(note: is found in 2006, but only in 2015 identified as new species of long neck dinosaur)

2.Wing, or the "mysterious bats dove"

Wing, namely strange wings".This name is very appropriate, because this small dinosaur  thoroughly confused the scientists .People found that 16000 years ago fossils in China's hebei province, its body is the same large as the pigeons , its wings like bat made of the skin rather than the feathers.Scientists don't know whether it is by flapping wings or by gliding flight, or it can't fly at all.

3. Saurornitholestes Sullivan, or "more destruction velociraptor.

Above, two smaller dinosaurs in harassment a larger hadrosaurs, the latter is very helpless.This new species with strong smell sense and agility, so with strong destruction.Despite its size not large, but you never want to encounter them.

4. Wendiceratops pinhornensis, called "rough horned monster".

It lived in 79 million years ago in southern alberta, Canada, weight more than 1 ton, is considered to be the one of the oldest relatives of triceratops.It with a lot of rough, fold and Angle, which makes it become the one of the most striking horned dinosaurs .

5.Zhenyuanlong suni,called "the feathers chicken from hell".

People discovered the well-preserved fossils in China, found that it‘s the near relative to the raptors.It turns out that the real velociraptor actually was full of fluffy feathers,rather than like "Jurassic park" depicted,but they really with strong destruction,Although zhenyuanlong suni have wings like bird,but cannot fly due to too short,may be they used to display themselves and protect the dinosaur egg.

6.Lightning claws, or "little cousin of tyrannosaurus"

This carnivorous dinosaur claws for up to 10 inches,was found in Australia protein quarry,so the fossil with beautiful blue.It's length 22 feet and unable to contend with tarbosaurus,but its configuration of the huge claws also doomed it is cruel.

7. Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis, called "arctic owl"

Scientists say, this is a kind of polar animals,their fossils found in northern of Alaska,this means, the herbivorous large duck mouth dinosaurs can adapt to the continuous months of darkness,endure extreme harsh environment,scientists are not sure how they search for food in a long, hard winter.

8. Hualianceratops wucaiwanensis, or "big head dog dinosaur"

People found its fossil in china,henceforth triceratops, fossils found in China,hence triceratops have more than a very strange relative.It is small like spaniel , head is relatively large,by hind legs to walk,it is considered to be the oldest horned dinosaur species,the remains will help scientists better understand the early evolution of horned dinosaurs.

9. Morelladon, or "hunchback sail"

125 million years ago, these strange guy walks in today's Spain,their sail shape hunchback raised two feet ,This is order to help heat dissipation, or to store fat.The most interesting is that since ancient times,many vertebrates have this kind of structure,even if they don't close to each other.