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China's largest dinosaur egg fossil exhibition held in Liaoning[2016-12-13]    click:0

China's Largest Dinosaur Egg Fossil Exhibition Held in Liaoning .


DINOSAUR EGG.BIRTH dinosaur exhibition Co-sponsored by zhejiang natural museum and dalian natural museum held in Dalian.138 dinosaur fossils samples on display,covers a large quantities of dinosaur egg fossils,in order to emerge fruitful study results of Chinese dinosaur egg fossil.

It’s always been a hot topic ,since dinosaur been discovered. With the deepening of the scientific research,the key evidence of dinosaur reproduction-----dinosaur egg fossil, get more and more society attention. The exhibition will from "know rocks and fossil ,egg fossil of taxonomic research, etc, and public concern related new knowledge, etc, to provide inspiration and thinking to the dinosaur world for visitors.

The exhibition for three months, 138 dinosaur egg fossil , including 8 first class exhibits, 5 dinosaurs and eggs symbiotic exhibits.

Reporter finds, Oviraptor fossils which in the centre of the hall is very eye-catching .This dinosaur fossils produced in Ganzhou , inside and outside of the abdominal cavity each containing 1 egg, is by far only the world's inside and outside of abdominal cavity containing dinosaur egg fossils.It’s found caused highly-focused of international ancient biological universe .

According to the relevant person introduce of Dalian natural museum, the discovery of dinosaur fossils which inside and outside of the abdominal cavity containing eggs make researchers speculate that Oviraptor egg produced one by one, instead of two output at the same time, and become the earliest examples of researchers speculate some dinosaurs with hatch tending behavior.

At the same time, the world's first contain egg pterosaur skeleton also appeared in the exhibition.This contains egg pterosaur skeleton specimen was found a egg fossil in belt parts. After identified the pterosaur is Darwin pterosaur. The specimen for pterosaurs gender identification, reproductive behavior etc provides direct evidence.